We teach children to spell

Are you going to organize a birthday party for your kids? Try something new and unshaken this time! Contact me, the magician who will revive your children's birthday celebration. Magician, but also offers a magical show for adults. I can even help you and your children fulfill a secret wish. And that you join in my magical show and you have the opportunity to learn some small spells yourself. I don't want to promise you something I can't fulfill, so I can show you everything Read More +

What to do in the challenging period of mature women

The female organism is set to periodically recurrent cyclic intake of sex hormones. Menopause is a period when the ovaries, the female reproductive organs, cease to work gradually, and the amount of estrogen and progesterone produced decreases. Sex hormones are actually interfering with all the management processes in the body. The body is affected by hormonal imbalances, and the managing authorities do not have sufficient regulation to which they were accustomed. Therefore, menopause changes some organ function. There is a lack of necessary hormones, thereby Read More +

The service you appreciate

Surely you have already experienced that you are going on holiday and even though your car has functioned seamlessly and you have fully relied on it this time, it simply terminated the service. You do not have a replacement car, so you hastily solve how to resolve the situation. The car rental is at this time a service that you will appreciate. It's no exception that people think that car rental is just a preminted way to recover money from people in need. But you're Read More +

Urination becomes a nightmare!

If you are among those afflying an enlarged prostate, you will surely give us the truth if we argue that a man will experience real hell when he is in trouble with a residual thyroid gland during urination. At other times, going to the small one seemed the easiest duty, at the moment when you spread the prostate gland, this act is accompanied by sharp pain and constant annoying burning. But there's something you can do about it! Erection Problems If a man is suffering Read More +

We won this year’s Wimbledon tournament

Petra Kvitova pleasantly surprised us again. She won for the second time in the most prestigious tournament in the world, at Wimbledon. Her final was followed in London, full of tribues. Even with us you could see him online. It is a great shame that in the semifinals she hit another of our players, namely Lucie Šafářová. It would be even better if both Czechs played the finals. We will be glad if you continue to be interested in tennis results. Read the interesting facts Read More +

No advertisement as an advertisement

Dreaming of a new car? Tired of riding your existing vehicle? But are you worried about this step? With us you don't have to worry about anything. Take advantage of our motoradvertising services and advertise your car and immediately choose your dream car on our website. Our website offers you clear advertising areas. With our help you get a buyer to your existing car, but you can also find the dealer of your future partner on the road. Our motoadvertising is here for everyone, so Read More +

Croatia – Sunny beaches and clean seas

Croatia full of Czech tourists Choose the resort you like, and we will arrange holidays and accommodation in Croatia or Montenegro. The apartments are equipped with everything needed for a perfect family holiday, and are close to the sea. Choose your holiday in our catalogue. Croatia will agree with you We offer you accommodation in Croatia and the Republic of Montenegro in private or in apartments. Do not hesitate, and book a timely term that suits you. Your selected apartment would no longer be available. Read More +

You are duly proud of the new car

Volkswagen has been in the spell. You knew immediately that you would buy a model from this brand. Now your new cart is in your garage. You are properly proud of this pet on four wheels. You will definitely not be a shame, it is clear to you now. It will be a great companion for long journeys. You can't wait to get along nicely. For the first ride you invite the whole family Volkswagen has one huge advantage. This automka is simply a constant Read More +


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Online Booking

Don't think difficult and sometimes at the last minute. It's useless. You have a holiday with us in front of you, Czech and Slovak Republic. We offer you the possibility of letting cottage and cottage. Discover new places in our regions or visit your favourites. With us you have the opportunity to travel to our country and you may look for a favourite place. You can enjoy it peacefully and without worries, your ideal holiday. We offer rental Chalets and cottages. The offer is valid Read More +