Peťan’s Guide to the acquisition of girls ‘ hearts

Hi, my name is Peťan and I will tell you my story how to become the right lamer of the girl's hearts. So sit back and listen. I loved all the girls from all over our village, really all. Small, big, busty, pihaté, red-haired, all those beauties and the less beautiful, I wanted them all into one. But I never succeeded in getting them.
What was the mistake?
Once I got into intimate moments with Mařenou. I didn't give it to me and asked her what I was doing wrong. Her answer was somehow too swift. Me and the wrong kiss? No one will become a lamer of the girl's hearts, if he cannot do the most basic thing. And so I was looking for a tutorial how to learn to kiss. He found and took advantage. And now I rightly belong to all the hearts of the girls of our little children.